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Turtle head is a game created by Pikasprey in the year 2016. It's a puzzle horror game with elements from beloved games such as Ao Oni and Clock Tower.  This is a fan remaster of the game done by team Meatpie in collaboration with Pikasprey. It's truly a labor of love and is being made just for fun!


Rumors have been making their way around a local high school.  Some claim to see figures and hear unusual sounds in the late hours of the night when nobody is expected to be there. This intrigued a small friend group, leading them to sneak into the building and investigate.  

Alas, they might have found what they were looking for.  

You play as Harriet, a  junior student at the high school. Through her, you will discover the horrific events that unfolded in the local community. The game is intended for players to go into mostly blind, so most of the plot details will have to be discovered on your own.

This remaster of the game greatly improves on what was in the original by adding reworked assets, new locations, more in-depth characters, and even an additional gameplay mode! 

Although it's not mandatory to play for the fan remaster, we encourage supporting the original!

Original Turtle head Download link: https://gamejolt.com/games/turtle-head/122243

!!!All comments and critiques are appreciated!!!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(104 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few hours


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Great game and simple story! Really love the artstyle. :) 

i am enjoying this game, and got all ending,
thanks for the game~!!


loveddd the characters, and the puzzles and map are set up perfectly to make it so fun!!! waiting to forget enough about it so I can replay :)

I've played the first version with my lil bro about an month or so ago, now I discover that game was remastered by fan and I'm so excited now!!!

can there be a mac version?

can't stress enough how much i love this game!!!!!!!

nice pc horror game

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Hi my game can't detect capslock for the Kurtis password sequence so I'm stuck and can't progress. Would you consider the case sensitive feature in a future update? Or is there currently a way to fix this? Please help, I would love to play it myself rather than watching playthroughs of it


Can i ask a question?

If it's ok: Did you use RPG maker?
Just to curious that's all ={ 

um how do you enter the date on the cabinet? 馃槄

definitely one of my favorite rpgmaker games:)

This was so awesome I played my first play through in one go, does anyone know any more games like this on itchi

love this game

One of my favorite newer RPG horror games to date - I hope future titles are just as horrifying as this one!

This was such a amazing game! i loved the art style the story everything about this game! you all did such a amazing job working on this game keep up the awesome work!!   

I had an amazing time playing this game! I never played the original but I really want to go check it out now. 

The characters all grew on me so much--I especially love Harriet of course, but also Emma. Her side of the story made me really feel for her. The atmosphere gave me so many chills at times, in particular the old school parts, and Turtlehead is such a frightening guy to run away from through the school (I got caught...way too many times lol).

The writing, the sprites and art is lovely! Great work you all <3

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I played the original Turtle Head years ago and this was an amazing remake! I loved the new artstyle, and I also loved the writing and added character development for Emma's route. I liked how Emma's route was very different to the original because it allowed you guys to add all these new things. Overall, great job! 

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This game was amazing. It reminded me a lot of the old RPG Maker games like "Mad Father" and "Ao Oni", and I enjoyed every second of it.

Found a bug

I love both the original game and this remaster! I did a video showing the deaths there are in the game, as well as in Emma's Story!

I absolutely adore your artstyle! :)

Question: What music is that used in Ending 4? Edit: Is there a link or a title? I hear it on other video games.

I found this track here! Freesound is where I got most of my music for this game.


Thank you!

Deleted post

Did you unzip the file?

Deleted post

That is likely the issue here. Game saves don't stay if the files are zipped. Just right click the zipped file and it should give you the option to fix that!

Deleted post

Awesome! Thank you so much for playing <3

looks adorkable

i love this game so much! as soon as i saw the wardrobe to hide in and the lights went off i immediately thought of ao oni, like you said in the description! i had parts where i was stuck and frustrated, and i rlly wished there was a full walkthrough for harriet's part, but i eventually figured it out haha :) i think emma's mental illness was portrayed rlly well and i liked how her and harriet's stories differed so much! i do wish mason was playable for longer or had his own story bc i liked even the small sections we got w him (and the fact that emma pantsed him on his first day is hilarious lmao). you guys made something special here, and it deserves to be recognized w some of the top games in rpg horror imo. the style is nostalgic but also fresh and it was so fun overall! thank you for making such a great re-make!

So I'm really enjoying the game so far! But in the emma route yellow paper to prompt me to go library isn't appearing. And I don't know what i did wrong

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Why is the title screen of mine like this? I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be like that. Can anyone help?

Edit: I also forgot to mention that I received a message saying I unlocked a new gameplay but when I checked nothing's changed.

Edit 2: I'm also using joiplay.

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Absolutely amazing game, but I would love it if movement can be rebind to wasd, and there is a toggle run. I <3 this game.


Does this game have a walkthrough anywhere? I'm struggling to get certain endings. It's very wellmade btw <3

uh oh, there's multiple? im struggling to not die-

Is it normal that when I put the password Kurtis I make an error?

K is uppercase

Hi! Would you be interested in a Spanish translation for this game? If so, please contact me!

it's beautiful I don't have to say more

Hey I try to put in the code for the door that the mask man is in from the first place. But it wont work. I did look up for a playthrough and put in the code for it but it won't work? So I am confused...

Nevermind! I fixed it! I just need to type in the same way the word is being typed! :>

can't get through it because of the controls, would really love if yo could add rebind-able keys!

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I really enjoyed this remake! I didn't play the original but I will soon. I got all the endings and I wish I could forget this whole game just to experience it how I did the 1st time I played it! Also as an LGBTQ+ person I love the pride flags! I look forward to any future games you all might have!

I also made videos on my playthrough so you can check the playlist out here if you'd like!

(Not all the videos are out yet but they'll be out soon!)


the 2nd to last video is up now! I got the "goodbye" ending on my 1st Emma playthrough! I'm really happy that Emma and Harriet got to have the dance they deserve together! 

My video here!

I'll be uploading the last video with the rest of the endings and the special room tmr!

I did all the endings and the special scene! I can't say this enough but I really enjoyed this game! Thank you for remaking it!

Thanks for the game, really liked it! Great story, art style and music. Really enjoyed it.

I'm stuck on how to get emma's good ending. After I do the short bit with Kay, I get Emmas bad ending. But it states that I've unlocked ending 8 of 9. How do I trigger that ending, also do I need a save prior to Kay's section as it will just load me in from there and replay the same bad ending.
Any help is appreciated!

weird question from my side. I saw a let鈥檚 play from the German youtuber Nesfate, and she talked a lot about your team. I wanted to ask you: do you need more artists in your team? 

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