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Warning: This game is not suited for children or those who are easily triggered. Please be advised before playing and stay safe, friend <3 

This game is a demo and does not contain all the content present in the paid release. 

For paid release: https://meatpie.itch.io/sleepysheep-chapter-1

Welcome to the Dream World! Follow our protagonist Nicole Armatti as she gets to explore a place completely built off her own subconscious. Meet friends, foes, and explore a plethora of colorful settings as Nicole travels deeper and deeper into her own dreams

Sleepy Sheep is heavily inspired by RPG Maker classics such as Yume Nikki and Dreaming Mary.  It's a dream simulator, with a twist! there are plenty of people to talk to, side quests to accomplish, mini-games to play, and there are many places that remain unexplored.  But be careful, for something dark lurks around the corner...

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags2D, Atmospheric, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, Singleplayer, yumenikki


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Yeah, look nice


First part of the three lp episodes~


Also it's a very excellent game, I see Yume Nikki references here and there~

Love it, especially the Uboa Room ref! However I haven't played Dreaming Mary yet so I'm not really sure what aspect of Dreaming Mary you folks pick! I'm planning to check that game later though.

However it's not very compatible with very-low end device (even without recording it's the same choppiness; which is fine it's not you folks problem!)

That's all! See ya in part 2!

Part 2 is here! Oooohhhhh it's getting more interesting! There's definitely a plot here unlike Yume Nikki, but more than that it seems there's a trouble brewing.... Big trouble.... I'm interested asf as where this is going.

Part 3, the end of the demo! Yep, something is definitely going on.... Ahhhhh such cliffhangerrrrr, can't wait for the full version of this game to finally arrive! It's such an interesting game! Love the concept of the game "command center" to be the group chat, also love the dream world exploration~

I was shocked when the mc was called Nicole because 1 i didnt read the desc haha and 2 my name is Nicole and I thought it was like those games that can take the name of the pc owner to enter into the game as the mc. or like oneshot where you use the files and stuff outside the game to play. I really like it so far too, if only I could have a dream world like that.

There's a lot of effort put into this game. I'm not yet done with the demo but lots of things going on already. Great story and artwork!

I haven't played the game yet but  I thought the protagonist is a boy 

Hello! I haven't played the game yet but I have a question, is this a horror game?

It has some horror elements, but its more of an adventure game than a horror one!

I love this game so much thus far, you've all done such an amazing job! The character designs, the LGBT representation (especially wlw aaa!), the subtle references to other media... I love it all! I look forward to playing the full game whenever it comes out, whether it costs money or not! ^-^

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This is a great game but is there only a demo? cause i want to play the full game! please tell me if there is only a demo:>

oh and please if there not only a demo tell me how to get it and if it free i would really appreciate it<3


Theres only a demo at the moment, friend! Full game is in the works :) 

oh thank you! I didnt think someone would reply to me but thank you!


This was a really fun and well written game. I made a short video so people can see some of the story. Great work! 

Hello, gave the demo a go, and have to say OH BOY this game is good, like really really good, and it has so much content, I was beginning to doubt if this was a demo or a full game!

There is a bunch of characters and all of them are so cute but also really interesting; The music is top quality and works perfect for every environment, and the minigames...N I C E.

There is also that unnerving underlying plot that keeps you hooked even when walking aimlessly trough the Yume-nikki like landscapes of unending weirdness.

Of course there is a few things that need to be polished (My game crashed once and a few small visual bugs is what I could notice) but considering all of that this is still a fantastic game and i can't wait to play the full version!

Once again, great job with this!


Really enjoyed playing the portions of the game that I covered in this video I made! ^o^

not sure if anyone has mentioned this but whenever there's a pause in text the portrait's mouth stops moving with the dialogue, also I think this character doesn't have direction fix on



I havent finished the demo yet but from what ive played so far its incredible!!! the combo of classic rpg quests and npcs combined with the yume nikki exploration is so good! plus it has its own unique charm and im really looking forward to the finished game <3

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